Résoudre l’erreur « Indisponibilité temporaire pour cause de maintenance. Veuillez revenir dans un instant. »

19 Dec

Je pense que tout le monde a déjà eu, au moins une fois dans sa vie, le bonheur de voir ce petit message affiché sur la page d’accueil de son site voire sur TOUTES les pages de son site.

A une époque, cela m’arrivait à chaque mise à jour de WordPress. (Une erreur due au fait que j’avais installé le blog via l’option 1click de OVH, quelque chose qu’il ne faut a priori jamais faire mais enfin passons)

Après la crise cardiaque passagère, il suffisait en fait de supprimer le fichier .maintenance situé à la racine de son site et pof, tout revenait dans l’ordre.

Mais que faire quand le fameux fichier .maintenance n’existe pas et qu’il n’y a aucun souci lié à la mise à jour ? Non non, la mise à jour WP 4.1 s’était très bien passée et j’avais accès à toutes les pages de mon blog SAUF la page principale. Très chiant n’est-ce pas ?

Après m’être arraché les cheveux pendant deux heures et réalisé que non l’erreur ne venait pas du fait que je ne voyais pas les fichiers cachés ni du dossier upgrade (qu’il faut a priori supprimé en cas d’erreur), j’ai fini par supprimer le fichier .htaccess et là miracle, le blog est revenu à la normale. – Enfin – J’ai d’abord du supprimer le fichier puis le remettre tel quel en réalisant entre temps que j’obtenais cette erreur : Votre serveur utilise la version 4.4.9 de PHP mais WordPress 4.1 nécessite au moins la version 5.2.4.

Or après vérification, mon .htaccess utilise bien la version 5.2 de PHP.

J’ai contacté OVH (mon hébergeur) pour voir s’ils ont une idée. Très étrange surtout que le blog fonctionne parfaitement en ayant simplement supprimé puis remis tel quel le fichier .htaccess…

How to resolve the ‘Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. Check back in a minute.’ issue

19 Dec

I am pretty sure you have already heard about this issue. It usually happens when you try to update WP, a theme or a plugin and something didn’t go well. Since there has been a problem, WP will automatically display this page error.

It’s really easy to solve though. You go to your root domain using a FTP software and then you will see a .maintenance file that you need to delete. And then the magic happens, your site is back on.

But what happens when the .maintenance does not exist and your website is working except for the main page?

Well trust me, it took me 2 hours to figure that out.

When googling the issue I was only getting the ‘delete the .maintenance’ solution. Of course that is not helping since, hell, there is NO .maintenance file anywhere. People asked me to look for hidden files which I did but since I was able to see my .htaccess the problem was obviously different.

Some people are also advising to delete the upgrade folder on your wp-content folder. But guess what, again, not working.

Since I had access to my back end (wp-admin) I disabled every plugins but no luck.

I was about to give up when I decided to delete my .htaccess and there it was! I got a message telling me that I was obviously using PHP 4.4.9 and I needed to upgrade to 5.2.4. But that didn’t make any sense since I am using PHP 5.

Anyway I transferred the exact same .htaccess back into my server and tadaaa everything was working again! I am not sure how. I have contacted my host to see where the problem lies.

Anyway if you are having the exact same problem, try to solve it by deleting your .htaccess! Might resolve the main page issue.

The Current State of Social Networks

17 Aug

Facebook Edgerank – What you need to know (84% don’t see your Page Posts)

4 May

That’s not a big surprise, only 16% of your fans actually see your Page Posts. That’s not a lot but you don’t have the choice anyway.

You can check your edgerank here. Sometimes you get a higher pourcentage of people seeing your Page Posts. It really depends on the type of content you publish and the Page you are promoting. For example I am managing a page on Facebook who gets more than 40% attention because I only have qualified fans.

WordPress in the world

19 Apr

Gap’s Social Media Guidelines

30 Mar

Working as a Social Media Specialist for a TV station in Canada, I caught the Gap’s Social Media Guidelines that I find excellent : (I also invite you to check out that blog)

GAP Social Media Policy

These guidelines are important—because if you don’t follow them a few things could happen: your posts can get deleted, we could lose customers and investors, we could get in trouble, or, worst of all, you could even lose your job … So do the right thing, stick to the guidelines.”

Keep in mind…

There’s really no such thing as “delete” on the Internet, so please—think before you post.

Some subjects can invite a flame war. Be careful discussing things where emotions run high (e.g. politics and religion) and show respect for others’ opinions.

It’s a small world and we’re a global company. Remember that what you say can be seen by customers and employees all over the world and something you say in one country might be inaccurate or offensive in another.

Respect other people’s stuff. Just because something’s online doesn’t mean it’s OK to copy it.

Your job comes first. Unless you are an authorized Social Media Manager, don’t let social media affect your job performance.

How to be the best …

Play nice. Be respectful and considerate, no trolling, troll baiting, or flaming anybody, even our competitors.

Be yourself. Be the first to out that you are a Gap Inc. employee—and make it clear that you are not a company spokesperson.

If you #!%#@# up? Correct it immediately and be clear about what you’ve done to fix it. Contact the social media team if it’s a real doozy.

Add value. Make sure your posts really add to the conversation. If it promotes Gap Inc.’s goals and values, supports our customers, improves or helps us sell products, or helps us do our jobs better, then you are adding value.

Don’t even think about it…

Talking about financial information, sales trends, strategies, forecasts, legal issues, future promotional activities.

Giving out personal information about customers or employees.

Posting confidential or non-public information.

Responding to an offensive or negative post by a customer. There’s no winner in that game.

10 things you need to know about revamped Facebook Pages

9 Mar

This graph is just excellent to introduce you to the new Facebook Timeline for pages.