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Eight steps to a better social media mix.

This is a new study from Involver.

Here’s what they say about the marketing mix : The term “marketing mix” refers to how a company allocates resources across the “4P’s” of marketing: Placement, Price, Product, and Promotion. The “social media mix” applies the same resource allocation concept to social media to determine how a company should allocate information to Twitter, blogs, Facebook, email, and so on.

Basically you should do this :

1 ) Gather your portfolio.
2) List your content.
3) Look through four social media lenses.
4) Connect content with channels.
5) Distill the essence of each channel through consolidation.
6) Fill in the gaps.
7) Build your strategy.
8) Sketch your content flow.

I totally agree with them. I will also add that you should measure the effectiveness of such strategy. There are easy tools to do so such as EdgeRankCheker.

Regarding Facebook, the EdgeRank of your page is the most important information you should have to build your whole strategy.


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